Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chat from 9/5: "How to be a Common Core Instructional Leader"

This is a summary from the September 5th #NCADMIN chat:
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Good evening everyone! Welcome to tonight's  chat! Looking forward to a great night of sharing
I'm happy to introduce our guest moderator tonight for our chat! Esteemed educator  , Assoc Supt
You R the instructional leader in your building. The tone u set for integrating new standards will permeate your halls & classrooms
Q-1 As instructional leaders, with the CCSS, what are the major look-fors for classroom walkthroughs? 
 A1 - I will be looking for evidence of planned rigor and opportunities for critical analysis for students to engage in
A1: Students answering questions of various Revised Bloom's Taxonomy levels, which blankets all subjects/content areas.
Have any of you seen this CCSS walkthrough app before? 
A1: I would encourage admins to look for the use of EQs to help teachers & students focus on key content in the CCSS. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chat from 8/22: "Innovative PD Strategies for District/School Technology Training"

This is a summary from the August 22nd #NCADMIN chat:
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 Our chat tonight is on Innovative PD strategies for District/School tech training!

 Q1: How do you determine what [tech] needs/trainings your school/district needs to focus on?

 I meet individually with principals to learn vision, culture, and need.

A1: After spending 1 full year observing teachers (new school last year), was able to discuss tech goals individually w/ teachers

Not in content but delivery RT  have you found a huge difference between the three levels, K-5, 6-8, 9-12?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inaugural Chat from 8/7: "Connected Educators in NC"

This is a summary from the Inaugural #NCADMIN chat:
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#ncadmin I'm going to start w/ Question 1 [Q1] Aug is Connected Ed mon, have you started a new practice to get connected?

I've worked on helping some of our district admins create PLNs.#ncadmin

A1: I have been incorporating the hashtag #gcsk12 to promote connectivity within my own county. #Ncadmin

@davidstegall and I recently led a training in Davie to share PLC process w/ school & district admins. #ncadmin