Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chat from September 19th: "Strategies for leadership teams in the changing field of education"

This is a summary from the September 19th #NCADMIN chat:
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Welcome everyone to tonight's topic - Strategies for Leadership Teams in the changing field of Education! 
Q1: Some leadership teams are made up of 2 & some are up to 5+ members-how do you define the role of your leadership team members? 
 A1 We define our roles in early strategy meetings. We outline goals and begin talking assignments
A1: We discuss our roles as a group, factored by principal assignment, specialized area, and experience. 
Is it important for all members on your leadership team to have an Instructional Role? 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chat from 9/5: "How to be a Common Core Instructional Leader"

This is a summary from the September 5th #NCADMIN chat:
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Good evening everyone! Welcome to tonight's  chat! Looking forward to a great night of sharing
I'm happy to introduce our guest moderator tonight for our chat! Esteemed educator  , Assoc Supt
You R the instructional leader in your building. The tone u set for integrating new standards will permeate your halls & classrooms
Q-1 As instructional leaders, with the CCSS, what are the major look-fors for classroom walkthroughs? 
 A1 - I will be looking for evidence of planned rigor and opportunities for critical analysis for students to engage in
A1: Students answering questions of various Revised Bloom's Taxonomy levels, which blankets all subjects/content areas.
Have any of you seen this CCSS walkthrough app before? 
A1: I would encourage admins to look for the use of EQs to help teachers & students focus on key content in the CCSS. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chat from 8/22: "Innovative PD Strategies for District/School Technology Training"

This is a summary from the August 22nd #NCADMIN chat:
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 Our chat tonight is on Innovative PD strategies for District/School tech training!

 Q1: How do you determine what [tech] needs/trainings your school/district needs to focus on?

 I meet individually with principals to learn vision, culture, and need.

A1: After spending 1 full year observing teachers (new school last year), was able to discuss tech goals individually w/ teachers

Not in content but delivery RT  have you found a huge difference between the three levels, K-5, 6-8, 9-12?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inaugural Chat from 8/7: "Connected Educators in NC"

This is a summary from the Inaugural #NCADMIN chat:
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#ncadmin I'm going to start w/ Question 1 [Q1] Aug is Connected Ed mon, have you started a new practice to get connected?

I've worked on helping some of our district admins create PLNs.#ncadmin

A1: I have been incorporating the hashtag #gcsk12 to promote connectivity within my own county. #Ncadmin

@davidstegall and I recently led a training in Davie to share PLC process w/ school & district admins. #ncadmin

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inaugural #NCADMIN Chat: "Connected Educators in NC"

BREAKING NEWS:  Inaugural #NCADMIN Chat listed in Connected Educators Month!

Our inaugural #NCADMIN chat will be on Tuesday, August 7 at 7:00 pm (ET).  In association with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's declaration of August serving as "Connected Educator" month, our first topic will be "Connected Educators in NC".  The conversation will include how educators in North Carolina are connected, what districts are doing to promote connectivity, and an opportunity to share success stories.

The co-moderators of the chat will be @CSmithGoBlue and @mccoyderek.

We welcome everyone involved in the education of North Carolina's students to get involved.

Please mark your calendars and plan on participating!  As of right now, we plan on hosting #NCADMIN chats every other Tuesday, but this is subject to change.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What is #NCADMIN?

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has declared August "Connected Educator" month.  As a result, Derek McCoy (@mccoyderek) and I (@CSmithGoBlue) are looking to launch the #ncadmin chat in August!  This chat, along with the frequent use of the hashtag, will provide an opportunity to connect on educational issues for the administrators, teachers, counselors, students, and parents of North Carolina.

In the meantime, please share the topics in which you would like to discuss, either in our first chat or during a future chat.  Make sure to use the hashtag #ncadmin for anything related to education in the Tar Heel state to help promote its use!

I will be updating the potential topics as they are received:

  • Common Core and Essential Standards fidelity monitoring processes

  • Standard VI of the Teacher Evaluation

  • School based incentives

  • Graduation rates

  • Common Core reading

  • Connected educators

  • Standard 3-d on the Teacher Evaluation